Senin, 26 Juli 2010


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.

Stranger: hi
You: hi
Stranger: tell me your favourite song?
You: justin bieber - never say never
You: you?
Stranger: hmmm i dont like that guy
You: why?
Stranger: i prefer... Layla by Eric Clapton maybe
Stranger: i think he doesnt so good to have that fame he got
You: are you like pixie lott?
You: cry me out?
Stranger: yeah, she is better
Stranger: i respect her, she sing so good
You: i love her voice
Stranger: are you a girl?
You: yes
You: and you?
Stranger: im a boy
Stranger: how old are you?
You: 12, and you?
Stranger: wow, im 19
You: where you come from?
Stranger: spain
Stranger: u?
You: indonesia

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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